Systematics Collections Data

Signing up

Why sign up?

Signing up enables you to log in to SCD to access some additional features. These features include:

  • The ability to create and save sets of records that can be retrieved at a later time.
  • Download data.
  • The ability to request a higher level of access to records via the SCD portal.
  • The ability to submit requests for borrowing specimens or purchasing cultures. (Note: loan services and the purchase of cultures is normally restricted to individuals at recognised institutions and are subject to the terms and conditions established by each collection.)

How should I sign up?

There are currently two ways to sign up with the SCD site:

  • Manaaki Whenua — Landcare Research staff should sign up using their normal username and password.
  • If you are not a Manaaki Whenua — Landcare Research staff member you should sign up using an '@LCR' account.

What is an @LCR account? How do I create one?

The @LCR account is a user account for people not employed by Manaaki Whenua — Landcare Research. We have developed @LCR accounts to enable users to have a single, common username and password that can be used to register and log in to a number of our websites. To create an @LCR account you only need a valid email address, which will also serve as your username, that you can access to activate your account. The information you provide when creating an @LCR account is held securely as outlined in our privacy information.