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  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: United States   Standard locality: Maryland, Beltsville    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: United States   Standard locality: Florida, Key Largo    Host: Gramineae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: United States   Standard locality: Florida, Vero    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: United States   Standard locality: Florida, Avon Park    Host: Poaceae

Accession number Taxonomic name Type status Country Land district NZ area code Specimen type Standardised Collector Collection date Host
PDD 61168 Epichloe typhina (Pers.) Tul. & C. Tul. 1865 United States Packet F. Petrak 1950-07-10 Poaceae
PDD 60743 Gloniopsis praelonga (Schwein.) Underw. & Earle United States Packet C. L. Shear 1938-12-16 Gramineae
PDD 39749 Tracylla spartinae (Peck) Tassi United States Packet 1938-07-18 Poaceae
PDD 61442 Tracylla spartinae (Peck) Tassi United States Packet C. L. Shear 1937-01-10 Poaceae