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  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Palmerston North, DSIR, Grasslands Division   NZ area code: Wellington    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Breaker Bay, Eastern Walkway   NZ area code: Wellington    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Petone, Memorial Park   NZ area code: Wellington    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Plimmerton Golf Club   NZ area code: Wellington    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Turakirae Head Scientific Reserve, headland   NZ area code: Wellington    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Pauatahanui Reserve   NZ area code: Wellington    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   NZ area code: Wellington    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Waikanae Rivermouth, Lake Reserve   NZ area code: Wellington    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Waikanae Rivermouth, Lake Reserve   NZ area code: Wellington    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Tararua Range, vic. Dundas Hut, streambed to N of hut   NZ area code: Wellington    Host: Poaceae

Accession number Taxonomic name Type status Country Land district NZ area code Specimen type Standardised Collector Collection date Host
PDD 53659 Gaeumannomyces cylindrosporus D. Hornby, Slope, Gutter. & Sivan. New Zealand Wellington Packet N. Jackson 1987 Poaceae
PDD 50253 Phaeosphaeria luctuosa (Niessl ex Sacc.) Y. Otani & Mikawa New Zealand Wellington Packet Geoffrey S. Ridley 1983-06-13 Poaceae
PDD 70324 Coprinus atramentarius (Bull.) Fr. New Zealand Wellington Packet A. Freeston; R. Freeston 1997-06-04 Poaceae
PDD 34754 Cochliobolus sativus (S. Ito & Kurib.) Drechsler ex Dastur New Zealand Wellington Packet M. H. Dance 1969-06-06 Poaceae
PDD 97837 Leucoagaricus leucothites (Vittad.) Wasser New Zealand Wellington Packet D. Catcheside 2009-05-14 Poaceae
PDD 70333 Leucoagaricus naucinus (Fr.) Singer New Zealand Wellington Packet A. Freeston; R. Freeston 1998-03-20 Poaceae
PDD 21809 Physarum cinereum (Batsch) Pers. New Zealand Wellington Packet R. Thortin 1959-03 Poaceae
PDD 97816 Vascellum pratense (Pers.) Kreisel New Zealand Wellington Packet J. Riddick 2009-05-11 Poaceae
PDD 97814 Bovista Pers. New Zealand Wellington Packet J. Riddick 2009-05-11 Poaceae
PDD 49147 Cashiella Petr. New Zealand Wellington Packet Peter R. Johnston 1985-02-11 Poaceae