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  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Spring Grove   NZ area code: Nelson    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: ICMP   Collection: Culture collection    Culture type: Fungal Culture   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: State Highway 6, Nelson   NZ area code: Nelson    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Kahurangi National Park, Wangapeka, Tapawera   NZ area code: Nelson    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: vic. Nelson, Lee Valley   NZ area code: Nelson    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Abel Tasman National Park, Tinline Track   NZ area code: Nelson    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Abel Tasman National Park, Rameka Track   NZ area code: Nelson    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Rabbit Island   NZ area code: Nelson    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Stephens Bay   NZ area code: Nelson    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   NZ area code: Nelson    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Wakefield   NZ area code: Nelson    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Kahurangi National Park, Mount Arthur Track   NZ area code: Nelson    Host: Poaceae

Accession number Taxonomic name Type status Country Land district NZ area code Specimen type Standardised Collector Collection date Host
PDD 35776 Pithomyces chartarum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) M.B. Ellis New Zealand Nelson Packet H. E. Burnett 1960-03-26 Poaceae
ICMP 24588 Pseudopithomyces chartarum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) J.F. Li, Ariyawansa & K.D. Hyde New Zealand Nelson Fungal Culture Jaspreet Singh 2019-11-07 Poaceae
PDD 94437 Leucoagaricus leucothites (Vittad.) Wasser New Zealand Nelson Packet Patrick Leonard 2008-05-01 Poaceae
PDD 94682 Inocybe kuehneri Stangl & J. Veselský New Zealand Nelson Packet T. Steele 2004-05-11 Poaceae
PDD 92406 Clitocybe paraditopa Cleland & Cheel New Zealand Nelson Packet Patrick Leonard 2007-04-29 Poaceae
PDD 102428 Laccaria proxima (Boud.) Pat. New Zealand Nelson Packet Patrick Leonard 2011-04-27 Poaceae
PDD 110884 Leucoagaricus leucothites (Vittad.) Wasser New Zealand Nelson Packet Patrick Leonard 2017-04-22 Poaceae
PDD 97422 Leucoagaricus leucothites (Vittad.) Wasser var. leucothites New Zealand Nelson Packet Patrick Leonard 2009-04-26 Poaceae
PDD 43503 Marasmius oreades (Bolton) Fr. New Zealand Nelson Packet B. Parlane 1926-05-14 Poaceae
PDD 29918 Physarum cinereum (Batsch) Pers. New Zealand Nelson Packet N. M. Martin 1972-04-06 Poaceae
PDD 94427 Simocybe P. Karst. 1879 New Zealand Nelson Packet Patrick Leonard 2008-03-16 Poaceae