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  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Cooper    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: CASC Campus, Lincoln   NZ area code: Mid Canterbury    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Cooper    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Lincoln   NZ area code: Mid Canterbury    Host: Gramineae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Cooper    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: 31 Major Aitken Drive, Huntsbury, Christchurch   NZ area code: Mid Canterbury    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Cooper    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Travis Wetland Park, Christchurch   NZ area code: Mid Canterbury    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Cooper    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Christchurch, Travis Wetland   NZ area code: Mid Canterbury    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Christchurch, Riccarton Bush   NZ area code: Mid Canterbury    Host: Gramineae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Port Hills, vic. Sign of Kiwi   NZ area code: Mid Canterbury    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Christchurch, 288 Bealey Avenue   NZ area code: Mid Canterbury    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Loch Buie Orchard   NZ area code: Mid Canterbury    Host: Poaceae

  Data provider: PDD   Collection: Herbarium    Specimen type: Packet   Country: New Zealand   Standard locality: Christchurch, Riccarton   NZ area code: Mid Canterbury    Host: Poaceae

Accession number Taxonomic name Type status Country Land district NZ area code Specimen type Standardised Collector Collection date Host
PDD 80919 Crinipellis scabella (Alb. & Schwein.) Murrill New Zealand Mid Canterbury Packet J. A. Cooper 2005-05-17 Poaceae
PDD 80953 Laetisaria fuciformis (McAlpine) Burds. 1979 New Zealand Mid Canterbury Packet J. A. Cooper 2005-05-27 Gramineae
PDD 112719 Campanella Henn. 1895 [1897] New Zealand Mid Canterbury Packet J. A. Cooper 2018-12-21 Poaceae
PDD 95622 Cellypha goldbachii (Weinm.) Donk New Zealand Mid Canterbury Packet J. A. Cooper 2009-12-29 Poaceae
PDD 96498 Cellypha goldbachii (Weinm.) Donk New Zealand Mid Canterbury Packet J. A. Cooper 2012-04-14 Poaceae
PDD 14283 Craterium minutum (Leers) Fr. New Zealand Mid Canterbury Packet A. J. Healy 1954-07-03 Gramineae
PDD 76876 Lophodermium sieglingiae Hilitzer 1929 New Zealand Mid Canterbury Packet Peter R. Johnston; E. M. Gibellini 2002-09-22 Poaceae
PDD 98591 Bovista purpurea Lloyd New Zealand Mid Canterbury Packet C. O'Connell 1996-11-12 Poaceae
PDD 90185 Crinipellis Pat. 1889 New Zealand Mid Canterbury Packet G. Stevenson 1983-04-23 Poaceae
PDD 41387 Puccinia coronata Corda New Zealand Mid Canterbury Packet A. J. Healy 1962-03-22 Poaceae